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Advanced rule-based platform for investment portfolio management and monitoring.

Neosynthesis has invested heavily in developing advanced technologies for improving the management and monitoring of investment portfolios. As we have seen over the recent years, sharp downturns in the financial markets can wipe out hard earned capital that has been accumulated over time. Yet, most financial institutions provide minimal tools to help their clients protect their wealth during those downturns.

Our PortfolioLogic product has been developed to help financial institutions enhance the protection they offer their consumer clients - by providing an advanced rule-based platform for the management and monitoring of investment portfolios. With over 150 dynamic metrics that can be configured, PortfolioLogic allows consumers and/or brokers to generate buy/sell notifications when specific rules have been triggered.

Our PortfolioLogic software product can be licensed and customized to meet your institutions specific needs. It can be integrated to your internal Account Management systems to provide enhanced wealth protection for your customers.

Our PortfolioLogic Product offers the following features:

  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Investment Performance Monitoring and Alerting w/ Over 150 configurable criteria
  • E-Mail, Text Message notification of Alerts
  • Investment Strategy Definition w/ rule based:
    • stock selection criteria,
    • entry (buy) criteria,
    • exit (sell) criteria,
    • money management / diversification criteria
  • Investment Strategy Back-Testing
  • Online Quotes
  • Dynamic Charting
  • Automatic E-mail Notification of Portfolio Performance Alerts
  • Online Registration - Account / Profile Management
  • Automated Rule-based Trade Order Generation
  • Secure (128 bit) SSL Access
  • Customizable Interface

The following features are currently being researched and may be added based on demand

  • Automated Trade Order Submission
  • eBroker Integration
  • Quicken, MS-Money Integration for Consumers
PortfolioLogic has been built with proven, scalable and cost-effective technologies, that can be deployed for low and high volume sites. This includes
  • Windows 2000 Advanced Server
  • SQL Server 2000 Database
  • ASP Web Interface
  • XML / XSL Data Access Layer
  • VB COM+ Component Layer

Neosynthesis staff is currently enhancing this product and migrating it to the platform (VB.NET and ASP.NET), for enhanced performance and scalabiility.

To find out more about this product, contact us and ask about a consultation on how PortfolioLogic can be integrated into your internal financial systems.


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