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A cost-effective solution for Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP)

Over the years, Neosynthesis staff have worked with various companies developing and deploying electronic payment systems. We have taken that experience and knowledge and used it to develop a cost-effective solution that can be leveraged to jump-start the move to Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment.

Our NeoPay software product can be licensed and customized to meet your specific needs. So why start from scratch, take advantage of our knowledge and experience and our pre-built components to jump-start your initiative.

Our NeoPay Product offers the following features:

  • B2C Bill Payment & Presentment
  • Support for US $ and CAN $ currencies
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Bank Draft Payments
  • Recurring Payment Scheduling
  • Recurring Billing Support - 3rd Party Billing
  • Customer Service / Billing Agent Interface
  • Automatic E-mail Notification of Payment Receipts
  • Automatic e-mail Notification of Bill Availablity
  • Online Registration - Account / Profile Management
  • One-Click Payments
  • Secure (128 bit) SSL Access
  • Customizable Interface

The following features are currently being researched and may be added based on demand

  • B2B Invoice Payment & Presentment
  • B2B Integration
  • Quicken, MS-Money Integration for Consumers
NeoPay has been built with proven, scalable and cost-effective technologies, that can be deployed for low and high volume sites. This includes
  • Windows 2000 Advanced Server
  • SQL Server 2000 Database
  • ASP Web Interface
  • XML / XSL Data Access Layer
  • VB COM+ Component Layer

Neosynthesis staff is currently enhancing this product to include support for industry standard XML schemas such as Interactive Financial eXchange (IFX) standard, as well as migrating the product to the platform (VB.NET and ASP.NET).

To find out more, contact us and ask about a consultation on how we can help you with your EBPP initiative.

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