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Business Intelligence

In today's fiercely competitive environment, a comprehensive business intelligence framework is critical to the financial success of an enterprise. Organizations with the most timely, reliable, accurate and comprehensive information have an indisputable advantage over their competitors. Collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information throughout an organization is a challenging task, but the rewards are immense. Web-enabled business intelligence systems assist organizations in a variety of ways, such as nurturing customer relationships, managing the supply chain, making financial decisions, and focusing marketing efforts. From Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning to Supply Chain Management and Employee / Partner Performance Management, business intelligence solutions are the driving force behind increased organizational effectiveness.

Neosynthesis LLC has a strong reputation for delivering mission critical Business Intelligence solutions, tailored specifically to meet the business needs of our clients. Whether implementing an enterprise-wide data warehouse or a departmental data mart, Neosynthesis provides leading edge expertise in the selection, design, development and implementation of business intelligence solutions.

Our Business Intelligence practice offers:

  • Data Warehouse/Data Mart Development and Deployment
  • Web-Based Reporting Solutions
  • Business Intelligence / Portal Integration
  • Data Warehouse/Data Mart Readiness Assessments and Planning
  • Business Intelligence Project Management

In addition, we provide analytic services for:

  • Demographic Analysis to zipcode and block level
  • Data Mining Services and
  • Customer Address Data "GeoCoding"

Using the latest US 2000 Census Data (with updated survey information).

Neosynthesis LLC carefully selects each project team to match the exact requirements of your Business Intelligence initiative, giving organizations the ability to rapidly harvest the information they need to compete in today's business environment. We recognize the importance of an integrated, cross-functional team that is able to work effectively, both as a unit and individually, while partnering with clients. Neosynthesis LLC employs highly qualified individuals who can bridge the gap between business requirements and technology solutions, while at the same time transferring knowledge throughout the organization and protecting the long-term investments made in business intelligence strategies.

Our incremental approach provides provides up-front value while building towards a corporate-wide enterprise data warehouse design. The key to successful data warehousing is grounded in a comprehensive data integration strategy. Flexibility of design is paramount, understanding that change is commonplace among today’s leading corporations.

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