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Neosynthesis LLC staff members developed several mission critical systems to help Verizon Consumer Markets Division (previously MCI) better manage their enterprise. Services included: Software Development, Data Warehouse Development , Web-based Reporting and overall Project Management Services, for mission critical systems.

Revenue Close Application (ReCAp)

The Revenue Reporting Group wanted a cost effective solution to support the monthly revenue close process for its consumer products and services. The revenue close process utilizes over 150 data feeds from existing legacy systems, including billing, commissions, “telco” settlement and other operational systems. Key to their needs was the ability to perform a "Virtual Close" on any day of the month and be able to generate projections for end-of month revenue.

Neosynthesis Staff:

  • Develop an innovative three-tier architecture with a user configurable sub-system, that allows the financial reporting group to quickly configure business rules and create analysis level summaries as needed.
  • The system supports business rules for the aggregation of data, extraction of one products revenue from a multi-product summary, time-based “calendarization” rules, and rationing rules that can be applied singularly or with other rules (rule sets) to any data element from any of the 150 data feeds.
  • Develop standardized reporting, for month-end, general ledger reporting, revenue trend analysis and profit and loss reporting.

This innovative system reduced the monthly “close” period to days from weeks, minimized impact of changes in upstream operational systems and provided cumulative and incremental views of the revenue information through-out the month, based on daily data acquisition

Consumer Traffic Pattern Analysis Data Warehouse

The Consumer Markets - Business Analysis Group wanted an integrated system to support the analysis of customer call patterns, growth rates of products/services and estimation of month-end revenue. Their current legacy systems provided only limited information to support this analysis. Additional reports required lengthy development efforts, reducing the effectiveness of the team to tailor their analysis to market conditions.

Neosynthesis Staff:

  • Developed and implemented a multi-level architecture supporting detail level information (Data Warehouse) extracted from various operational systems and summarized information (Data Marts) for reporting purpose.
  • Established enterprise level reference data to be used for transforming operational data into unique atomic data elements
  • Established a user configurable database of summarization hierarchies and dimensional specifications to allow users to analyze new business / market conditions, and create new summaries on demand
  • Deployed multiple end-user information access and analysis tools to support individual needs and minimize organizational resistance.

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